Monday, October 13, 2008

Nothing technical about it !!

So, we are supposed to mail our status reports each week to our manager. One of the guys (some people have a good good idea who he is !!) wrote this in his status report:

Tasks this week:
* Worked on "one build to rule them all" infrastructure

And bang came the reply from the manager:

Three Builds for the Linux-kings in the MSI,
Seven for the SQA-lords in their shield-halls of stone,
Nine for MIPL Mortal Men doomed to code,
One for the Dark Lord Kedar on his Bamboo throne

In the Land of Linux where the RPMs lie.
One Build to rule them all, One Build to find them,
One Build to bring them all and in the flash-ness bind them
In the Land of Linux where the RPMs lie.

Need I say more?


Vedang said...

massive LOL!!!
kedar pwned the smart-ass! :D
too good!

Vedang said...

I'm putting this to put this up on my blog too! I'm a content thief!

Vedang said...

oops.. i thought kedar wrote the reply. Turns out he wrote the status message. In any case, truly awesome creativity.

CDK said...

ashkya bhari reply.. :D

Praj ~ said...

aaj wachla... ek number