Saturday, September 25, 2010

Geek Saturday (Rants)

Fixed three irritating problems on my Fedora-13 laptop.

1) When fading, mouse/keyboard input doesn't stop fading and you have to go enter the password to unlock the screen.
The latest xorg-x11-server update fixed the problem. Simple enough!

2) Inserting headphones in the audio jack doesn't mute the speakers.
After some grepping in /var/log/messages and google, found out that my kernel couldn't detect the model of my audio card. Simple fix was to add
options snd_hda_intel model=quanta
to /etc/modprobe.conf/dist-alsa.conf to force snd_hda_intel module to use the given model.

3) Flash videos don't work in fullscreen.
Simple fix was this:
mkdir -p /etc/adobe
echo "OverrideGPUValidation=1" > /etc/adobe/mms.cfg

There is just one irritating problem now. When I shutdown Fedora with windows open on various desktops, Fedora should remember the desktop number the window was open on. However, when I start back, all windows come back to desktop 1. hmm Couldn't figure out a solution to that yet :-(. But it was low priority anyway. All the major problems are now resolved :-). Peace!


Vedang said...

jitesh, the last problem (window configuration) is not a fedora problem.. it is a window manager problem.. try changing your window manager

Jitesh Shah said...

Yeah I've filed a bug under metacity. But, quite understandably, it is not a priority job for them. Haven't found any work-arounds either :-|

Kedar said...

cool.. 1 is going to same me some searching time..