Sunday, November 1, 2009

I want to shout this out a thousand times!

A recent discussion on a fedora mailing list:

> I'd suggest that anyone who sets up a system without any user accounts
> _and_ somehow needs a GUI to configure the system _and_ can't manage
> to figure out the settings to change so they can login as root should
> probably not be pretending to be a competent administrator.
> Are there not enough examples from Windows of why it's a terrible idea
> to run with full administrator privileges -- especially software like
> web browsers?
Look guys, I didn't ask for a Lecture on how to do things your way, I
just ask where is Konqueror in Root.

How very true! Many a times, I know what risk I run by using GUI as root user, but I still want to. I have my calculations of risk. They have no right to disable running stuff as root. Make it hard. Okay. Spew out warnings. I don't care. But, just let the thing work! Disabling it is just imposing your viewpoints on everyone and it is NOT alright!

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